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Saucy! Claire Joy
Cheerful, bright, and just a teensy bit unstable, Claire's name is tied to several prominent police-involved disasters in the Hub city district, yet she remains on the force due to her unflagging enthusiasm for a job many people would rather break a leg to avoid.
Smokey Antony Bacstar
Claire's long-time partner in the COA police force, Ant has grown used to putting up with the shit she does. They are best friends of course, from the same graduating class, and their friendship goes back to their elementary years. Consequently, he has learned to carry a medical kit at all times. His hair is also shaved into a spiral for some reason.
On fire once Shil Takahumi
Claire's roommate from college, they share an apartment in the saucer district of Hub. He is currently working before completing his degree in something or another. Has yet to learn to be wary around Claire.
Blind Jared Smith
One time partner of Claire and Antony, Jared was sent on sick leave after losing his sight during a routine assignment with Claire. He recently returned from medical leave to join Captain Bacstar's new police unit. Still has issues with Claire and Antony.
Old Gun Chief Kyle Bacstar
Antony's uncle, Captain Bacstar is a famous name among the COA hierarchy. The tales of his youth are the legends in the academy. Recently, he created a new mechanized unit among the COA urban forces to deal with the rising tensions among the GELF Nation and the COA Republic.
Lost Lt. Jensfer Sifterius
A representative from the military branch of the COA Republic to oversee the CLEAVER's testing period. However, events soon spiralled beyond her control.
Pyscho Knife Maus
Works at the local Chinese noodle shop Tian An Mien. Good with hand-to-hand weaponry, if a bit nutty.
Loose Cannon Cardinal
Few in the COA Republic have not heard the name of the infamous criminal, self-styled freedom fighter, and the most vocal spokesman of the GELF Republic in the United Council.
Muscles Bauhaus Strane
Cardinal's right-hand man, he is physically superior to humans. Gifted with strength, reflexes, speed, and dexterity, he tends to stick out with his enormous stature even among other GELFs.

Common Terms

The Corenet Oversight Authority is the government of the COA Republic. The Republic consists of the descendants of the second wave colonists. COA also represents the Corenet, the ruling body of the human colonies.

The Scientific Research Agency, a euphimism for the independent military arm of the COA. A separation of powers exists within the COA hierarchy on Sansradda and the SRA is headed by a private body elected by COA ruling members. A vocal majority of the SRA leadership has been calling for a reactivation of the stargate after the shutdown over eighty years ago, and the tension has steadily grown over the years.

Genetically Engineered Life Forms, hostility between the GELF and the Republic colonists resulted in the creation of a separated GELF Nation independent of the Corenet. In appearance, most GELF resemble off-color humans, their altered states serving to identify them from the colonist population. Quite a few have had undergone radical modifications from the stock human model to almost make them alien in appearance.
Standard procedure for colonizing a planet is to send a generation ship of GELF to the selected planet. The GELF then set to work terraforming the planet into a more habitable environment. Human colony ships arrive generations later to claim the planet from the GELF workers.

The Corenet
The lifeblood of the colonies, the Corenet binds all humans settlements in a vast intergalactic information network. The internet of pre-space Earth gradually evolved into the all-encompassing semi-sentient virtual world. It is common practice to salvage the original colony ships on each planet into that planet's Corenet hub. Each hub is unique, but they all interface with the Grand Station.

It makes ships go fast. The only alternative to deep space travel besides generation ships, the technology used involves a lot of technobabble and hand waving. Let's just say that it works by sending matter through space rather than across it. The Corenet unexplainable shut down eighty years ago, effectively isolating the human colonies from each other. Interstellar communication with slower-than-light methods has not yet been established, as without the Corenet, signals take centuries to reach their destinations.

Correctional Law Enforcement Automated Vehicular Emergency Robot. A newly created mechanized unit of the Hub police force under the guidance of Captain Kyle Bacstar, it is not yet officially active.

A vast array of instruments is packed into the material of an average uniform, providing continuous information, on-the-fly computations, and survival functions for the wearer. Rather than outfitting all gear with individual expensive microcomputers, a single massive mainframe is responsible for coordinating communication and information exchange between the individuals of a specific unit. These mainframes, called "brainboxes," are usually in a central location, ie. headquarters. However, less powerful mobile backups may be used in cases of extreme distance from headquarters, extensive interference from local or global factors, or when the unit requires a degree of secrecy and autonomy.

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